Thursday, June 18, 2015

Singer 301A arriving shortly plans include Drawn Together

this Singer 301A is on its way to me - UPS says it will arrive sometime tomorrow - I am hoping that tomorrow is in the AM as we leave for our camp mid-day and I really want this baby to go north with me... she still needs a name - but I need to see what year she was born first.  I feel like she needs some accessories too  - maybe a quarter inch foot to start. 

I want to test the Drawn Together Paper Pieced Block

this is someone else's version.  I have the papers done to try my own variation, thinking the star will be poke-a-dots (black and white) or maybe just whatever I have.
this is what I came up with - will make more of these someday

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  1. Hope your machine arrives in time to travel with you. Happy travels!